Gone to Earth is coming to  EastSussex.





Beltane Fire


We will be having many beautiful and magnificent dancers join us for 2024- keep watching this space as more is revealed.


Helen   Conway 
Cauldron Creations

"Originally trained in traditional Egyptian dance I now like to combine this art with my personal spiritual beliefs creating pieces to mark and honour the wheel of the year using a wide variety of musical styles. I love to share my passion both from a performance and teaching perspective and can be found on both Facebook and Youtude."


How do I book next year :0). I wanna come back :0)

Good morning Karen, sorry I didn't see you before I left, just wanted to say how fantastic the weekend has been. So many happy smiling faces and only positive comments
I would love to join you again next year and should be doing henna tattoos then if I can do that.
I bet your phone is pinging like mad today lol xXx

It was a pleasure to be there and see your dream come to fruition. xXx

Wonderful weekend really enjoyed it thank you so much xx
Excellent, brilliant festival, def coming again. Everyone including stoneham barn staff very welcoming and friendly. Thank you Karen
Sorry we didn't see you to say goodbye. Thank you for an amazing festival, all your hard work paid off. It's been a great few days. Love Lynn xxx

  Well done!

Thank you for a lovely weekend, Henrettas Handmade x The weekend was brilliant; thank you

Sorry we didn't see you to say goodbye. Thank you for an amazing festival, all your hard work paid off. It's been a great few days. Love Lynn xxx

Thank you, it was wonderful. Can’t wait for the next one xxxx

Well done xxx had a brill time xxx

We had a fantastic chilled  out weekend at the gone to earth festival ! thank you karen light and all the team that made it happen !

Thank you for a lovely weekend, Henrettas Handmade x
The weekend was brilliant; thank you

Hiya, we visited Gone to Earth yesterday, just for the day. It was absolutely fab!! We loved it, thank you so much for organising it .
We'd definitely want to camp for the weekend if you hold it again next year.

May I do Summat I don't usually do....


First we spent an excellent weekend with our FIREFLY FRIENDS in CLOVELLY (Nigel, Babz) who kindly invited us and with such good people as Jedidiah, Martin, Helen,Andrew and all the webbers, and all who made us welcome and helped with all the Help I need - THank You people you have given me so much xxx

NOW This last Weekend.... Gone To Earth Festival (FIRST TIME NEW FESTIVAL) ;-

A First go at a Festival by a really lovely person Karen Light, I thank you for putting on such a great event(and for including us upon the bill and giving us such an opportunity... YOU DID US ALL PROUD Karen AND PLEASE CONTINUE WITH THIS EVENT... (special thanks to ALL OF YOU STAFF AT Stonham Barns - I HAVE NEVER HAD SUCH WELL PROVIDED DISABILTY FRIENDLY HELP AT ANY FESTIVAL SITE (FACILTIES/AWARENESS)

Next I feel that without the Support and Love provided by my friends or should I say the "Family" that have welcomed both Alicia, Daisy Dawg and me into their world. Without the Help and Constant Support and Encouragement, I would be stuck in a hinter world of isolation and boredom...

I could write a Book upon how individuals, Bands, Performers,Traders and event organisers who have HELPED ME and given me such practical Love, so here goes the longest but most incomplete Thank You!! so in no sensible order....

Fantastic weekend, trading, dancing, meeting up with friends, great music and lots of fun. Can't wait for next year, well done
I want to say a big thanks to Karen Light and all the team at Stonham Leisure Park for a great festival. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to perform my hooping for you all and was truly touched by everyone’s lovely, uplifting and wonderful feedback. You are all such lovely people and I’d love to be a part of next years festival. Personal highlights were Raven drummers and The Captains Beard Love and light to all.
We had such a fab weekend. We have our towels ready to save "our corner" for next year!! 😂
Thankyou Karen. It was beautiful.

Thanks Karen for a lovely weekend. The festival was a great success and we’re looking forward to next year!
Was a great weekend & we met so many beautiful people .Hoping to return next year. Well done to you, your team & Stonham village for all of your hard work in putting on such a fab event. Big pat on the back & hugs coming your way.

Thanks for the festival it was amazing loved every minute x
Thank you Karen & your hardworking team....especially the endless patience and running around of your sound man in the barn...on the go all the time but always smiling....As paying public we had a fantastic relaxing time, spent far too much at some of the great stalls & bopped to some of the great bands... We’d love to be part of the next one! X

This has been a brilliant experience thank you everyone for making us so welcome especially other stall holders Lorraine and Jeremy it was our first event and we learned so much. Thank you all from angelsandcrystals.co.ukhope to see you all again soon.


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