All that you see here now are from previous events - please do keep looking for updates regarding 2023 in Sussex


Pricing for campers and day visitors under revision.

Please watch this space.


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Volunteers needed - full access to the weekend in return - email directly as above if you are interested.

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will be joining us for the first time this year.

Kokopelli Trading



We are very excited indeed to have Perkelt join us this year.

Kassie is a Pagan Witch, having walked the path for 20 years. She is also a Clairsentienent and intuitive reader of 17 years experience in giving readings. She will be available for Oracle card and crystal readings. Kassie is also attuned in Reiki and Rahanni Celestial Healing and will be offering these services too. Kassie will be charging £20 for 20 minute readings and £15 for 10-15 minute Reiki healing . You can pre book with Kassie now to secure a slot with her. Or pop along at the event.

Sarah Ann from MDM Suffolk 🌙 will be holding space for those who wish to explore meditation through music & movement! Stimulating the natural flow of energy that runs through our bodies, enhancing physical & emotional wellbeing, by moving freely, allowing us to become more in tune with our body; as we embrace rhythm, energy, our breath & vibrations, simply in the moment! As a local, fully qualified, community fitness professional & holistic dance practitioner, she is excited to bring us together through the power & mysticism of dance!

Look for dance times which will be displayed at the festival  on the workshop program of events.

How to find us:

we are relocating to Ringemer East Sussex.

All details will be updated soon.

This is a dog friendly venue - please follow the usual doggy rules ... please keep on a lead and clean up after them.  Thank you

Shelley Turnball

Robin Dicker

"Recently I've been writing more history/ fantasy  songs.  My most recent is a murder mystery one. My songs always tell a story.  I'm friends with a lot if people on the line up too, I tend to play a lot of folky/ storytelling gigs."

Fiona Dowson

Spinning a sheep's fleece into yarn which can be knitted into a wooly jumper is a magical transformation worthy of any alchemist.

Join Fiona  and learn about spinning, knitting, crochet, peg loom weaving and even have a go at tablet weaving your own friendship band, just like a Viking.

Take old fabric and upcycle it into rag rugs or patchwork.

Old skills for a new century.

Fiona will also be joining us as a story teller       

Fiona will be with us to demonstrate  weaving, patchwork, rags to rugs and to provide workshops to show us how it is done.

Weaving for children - Come weave like a Viking!

Many awesome bands, singers, dancers, story tellers, cakes, wood work ... the list goes on ...

Willows Drum  

Chris Wadeson - Compere

A little about myself:

Most of you know me as Chris, your friendly compere often described on the festival circuit as having bags of personality, a cheeky smile and a dazzling array of costumes.  Over the years I’ve had many roles in the entertainment world; international DJ and fire performer, Butlins Redcoat, then host and compere of my own cabaret nights. You could say I have had a full and interesting life, but it wasn’t until I got involved with festivals that my true eccentric side came out to play.  I have developed an array of madcap characters over the years, but the festival scene has given me the opportunity to combine my love of music with my desire to entertain. I was once asked what music I liked, I replied from classical to heavy-metal, from jazz to punk, stopping at all stations in between.  The festival scene sure has them all.

What do I enjoy most at festivals?  I think it goes without saying the entertainment, but then there is the opportunity to meet so many interesting and talented people, the overall atmosphere and the magical chance of recharging my batteries in some amazing and beautiful surroundings.  It really does wonders for my well-being.

As we will be having two stages running throughout the weekend Chris will be sharing the compering with the fabulously crazy   

Sally Solilaqui                        Clarke

A cunning concoction of crazy, colourful and commanding, Sal has been hosting events for 7 years.  From character improv, comedy improv, singing improv, and downright owning that stage! ... with improv 🙄😉  Get ready to be whipped into a frenzy of line up appreciation as Sal keeps you fully updated with all the fun of the fest!

Unfortunately Emma will not be with us this weekend due to unforseen circumstances 

What is Rahanni?

Rahanni means " Of One Heart" and is a gentle, yet effective therapy that heals very deeply at heart level. It may release negative energy and fears which accumulate from challenging experiences. Rahanni balances the masculine and feminine energies. It may bring deep rest to mind and body.

Rahanni is a hands on healing which works on a high vibration It is beneficial for all bringing relaxation, peace and balancing.

The lovely Emma Scoones will be delivering this wonderful service to you during the festival.   

Please note Emma is unable to join us this weekend.  We wish her well.

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